What Makes Effective Event Crew?

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Event crew are the beating heart of any event whether it be a concert , music festival , corporate function or any other form of event. Overall we will evaluate what goes into making an effective event crew and what an event needs to be effective overall.

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What Are Event Crew?

Event crew are employees who are part of a team who work at an event. The term event crew is typically associated with production teams and ground crew who normally move as well as set up and take down equipment at a venue. However this term can also relate to catering staff , security and associated employees of the event organising team.

What Are The Key Characteristics Required For Effective Event Crew?

Here are some of the key characteristics that are needed for effective event crew:

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Good at their role
  • Good timekeeping
  • Knowledge of their industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Multitasking ability

As mentioned above event crew staff need to have a wide range of skills and experience in order to be able to fully excel within their chosen role. One of the main challenges that is faced by events companies is lack of experienced staff.

This issue often occurs as a lot of event agencies and companies employ staff and then do not fulfil their training properly due to costs. This can eventually result in poor overall performance if the issue is not properly addressed.

What Internal And External Factors Can Affect Event Crew

When it comes to events there is a range of different factors that can affect event crew overall. One of the main external factors that can often cause issues is. Increased numbers of people attending the event. Often when events are well publicised and marketed a lot more people are inclined to go with them. As a result staff at the event may need to put new and unprecedented measures in place in order to deal with overall demand.

In terms of internal factors one issue that can severely affect overalls is absence or sickness. Absence or sickness during an event means that employees impact the overall numbers at the event. As a result the event organisers could struggle if they do not have enough catering or security staff for example.

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One measure that can be taken in order to combat this is policies whereby unexplained absences result in a formal warning and if it happens several times then the employee is let go. Of course mitigating circumstances are acceptable but if an employee fails to show up for a shift it can severely impact it overall.

Another external factor that can affect event staff overall is demand for their services. Increasingly a lot of concert and festival organisers are attempting to build in-house teams of event staff and this could have a significant impact on those who are already working for agencies.

Overall to conclude it is clear that event crew face a number of differing and unique challenges in their role. It is important that they adapt to the environment they are working and ask for support when needed in order to fulfil their role.

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