Is the ‘Tyranny’ of Positive Thinking Bad for Us?


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The domination of Positive thinking has recently descended upon us over the most recent years with our book shops stocked to the brim with positivity self-help books. If at any point in your life you’ve tried to change your way of thinking, to be happier or more content then you will have come across the term – Positivity. It has become a very popular concept in personal development. It is now used in motivational speeches, workplace lectures and personal coaching. Social media has become the primary source to channel this concept and push it upon other. But is this concept harming us more than helping?


According to the so-called law of attraction, by choosing the channel your thoughts in a positive direction this will generate right vibrations and let you avoid any negative emotions or thoughts. By determining your way of thinking this then determine what you attract. Or so we are told to believe through positivity.


If you continue the trend that positive thinking will ultimately help you achieve all your dreams and goals then you’ll be bitterly disappointed when you encounter a few unpleasant surprises.


Positive Thinking Can Act as a Barrier from Achieving You Goals.

We are told to believe that the more positive we think about a situation the better the outcome. Unfortunately this is not the case. The more you fantasise about the perfect career, the dream house, the ideal body shape, the less likely you are to achieve it.

Studies have shown that fantasizing can actually produce negative effects in various areas of our lives from studying, relationships and careers.

Positive Thinking can Enhance Self-Blame

Most promoters of this concept often believe that by thinking as positively as possible it will act as the basis of your success in all areas.

This assumption has another side to the coin that if it does not work out or if something negative happens then it is your fault. Therefore the cycle of self-occurs. Maybe you didn’t quite have enough positivity and that’s why you failed. These thoughts can then become self-detrimental.

The Rule of 3

Some may not agree with this method, however it uses the 3 characteristics to break out of the false positivity cycle. It’s all about balancing each of these things and applying this type of thinking to the situation or life aspect. To break this cycle it is about being realistic about the situation at hand, optimistic about the desired outcome and pessimistic to prepare if it does not go right.

Positive Thinking can Make You Unhappy

Whilst the generally promoted idea around positive thinking is to make you happier it can have the counter effect. As this type of thinking generates unrealistic expectations it lets you forget about the realistic outcomes. We dream and think about a brighter future believing its achievable just by the change in attitude. As we chase the perfect weight goal and dream career it makes us forget about what we already have in front of us.


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