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Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow has quickly become the new hot topic as in the past, cosmetic procedures were often something that we did not speak openly about. However, recently more and more of us are going under the knife, aiming to improve our appearance.

The development in technology in recent years has made these treatments extremely safe and as long as you are getting treatment from an expert cosmetic surgery Glasgow clinic, you will be in safe hands. Speaking with Dr Darren McKeown, we look at the top procedures from Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow.

The most recent statistics have shown that face and neck lift procedures are 16% more popular than they were in the past, which shows the huge increase in common cosmetic procedures. Are you looking for a treatment which will make you feel and look younger? Here are our top procedures for 2018.

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This treatment is popular with patients of all ages. These treatments can wear off over a long period of time, one of the reasons why non-surgical cosmetics are so popular.

Dermal fillers and lip fillers re-establish volume which has been lost. Depending on the amount of volume you would like to gain, a youthful appearance can be provided in just one treatment.

It is important to remember with injectable cosmetics they must be completed by an experienced physician. A plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with the suitable amount which will suit your facial contours. They will also have the experience and knowledge which is necessary for this type of treatment.

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Facelifts have become increasingly popular due to the minimal scarring that can be hidden in your hairline. The process can now be done under local anaesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic – giving patients options on how they would like to proceed with the treatment.

The priority of choosing any cosmetic surgery Glasgow is choosing a qualified and reputable surgeon – a factor which you should never overlook. Make sure you do your research, read reviews and always go for a consultation before you have any work completed.

By choosing a surgeon with experience, they will know how to work on the muscle layer under the skin. During the procedure, the muscle is lifted, trimmed, and finally sewn back. This lift will leave your face looking smoother and overall more youthful.


This miracle treatment is helping patients regain hair which they have lost, using molecules from the hair on other areas of the body. In the part, the hair transplant procedure has been categorised as a male only treatment, however, in recent years, both men and women have been inquiring about the procedure.

The main cause of hair loss is old age. The older we get, the less dense our hair becomes.

This treatment is designed to cover balding areas; this means that the procedure can be completed several times. Most male patients require 2 or 3 hair transplant treatments for the best results.

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