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Are you unhappy with the whiteness of your teeth? You’re not the only one. In recent year, the British Dental Health Foundation have announced that 27% of us who are unhappy with our teeth. It was stated that the appearance of their teeth has had a “detrimental effect on confidence and relationships”.

Berkeley Clinic is a teeth whitening Glasgow clinic where you can go to have your teeth brightened. Many of the patients who go here leave feeling much happier with their smile and teeth appearance.

Considering getting your teeth whitened? We will let you decide, find out more below.

Teeth whitening glasgow

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is very safe, as long as you have it completed by a professional dentist, not a beautician. Not only is it safe but it is a pain free procedure. Your teeth may feel slightly sensitive afterwards but it will fade after a few weeks.

Achieving a Whiter Smile

Maintaining the whiteness of your teeth is extremely difficult. Nowadays we are constantly indulging in dark drinks such as coffee and red wine and this can stain the appearance of our teeth.

This is all a part of modern living, however at a Glasgow dentist they will aim to give our customers the perfect smile in just a few sessions. Your dentist should aim to get rid of staining and discolouring which may be making your teeth look dull.

Teeth whitening glasgow

If you are looking for the best results you should go for a package like X White Pro Teeth Whitening is which costs around £480 with additional whitening gels costing only £56.

Feel More Confident

You will definitely feel more confident when your teeth have been whitened. A recent dental study has found that whiter teeth can make you;

  • 10 per cent more employable.
  • 20 per cent more attractive.
  • Appear five years younger.

We associate age with teeth as our “baby” teeth are naturally whiter than our adult teeth, this means that when we get our teeth whitened it makes us look younger.

Discoloured teeth is more common than you think and one third of teenagers and adults suffer from tooth discoloration. This can cause sufferers anxiety and stress as they feel that they cannot smile and interact with their peers.

Teeth whitening glasgow

What happens during the teeth whitening treatment?

Nowadays teeth whitening can be done during your lunch break as it takes just an hour of your time. By the end of your treatment your dentist will have a personalised teeth whitening kit which will be unique to the shape of your mouth. This is created by using 4 D Dental Laboratory technology.

Most Glasgow dentists will advise you to use yours with care. Each kit includes custom made trays and revolutionary teeth whitening gel. Your dentist will go over the teeth whitening process with you in depth to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment.

Make sure that when you are booking your teeth whitening Glasgow treatment that you are visiting a professional practice. Every mouth is different and a one size fits all treatment could leave your death permanently damaged.

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