How to Spring Clean Your Life in Easy Steps


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Although spring is not upon us yet it does have us thinking about ways to re-organise our lives. Some people need the excuse of a new season or representation to help push them to make adjustments to benefit their lives. It is different for each person, for some the idea of spring cleaning is to revamp their lifestyle or resolve continuous problems or just try cut out the toxicity in your life. Here we have a guide on how to spring clean your life in the simplest steps.

Check in on your Career Path

It may be time to sit and have a think on how you feel towards your career path and if the job you are in is making you happy. Are you settling for this position for comfort and stability rather than your career happiness? Now is time to make the change. Within a few months a hoard of graduates will descend upon the job market making it more competitive for the job you are searching for. This makes it an ideal time to start the job search.

Declutter those Clothes

You know you have far too many clothes and it is time to start ridding your closet of them. Ditch those worn out t-shirts and platform shoes that were once in fashion and went with that one dress that is in the bin. Make sure you declutter wisely and consider donating those old clothes to charity shops or homeless shelters that will help those in need so nothing goes to waste.

Revaluate your Relationship

Take a step back and check in with what makes you happy. If the person you are with is not making you happy it may be time to revaluate what you want from that relationship and if it is time to make changes.

Forget Positivity, Focus on Realism

The positivity train has been full steam ahead the last couple of years. However, it is now becoming more of an excuse for people’s choices and behaviours rather than boosting your confidence and self-worth. It’s time to take off the positive sunglasses and look at the world with a realistic view. Unfortunately life is difficult and full of challenges, therefore, it is how you deal with them that will impact the outcome. Make a plan if things go wrong and hope for the best. It is the most realistic way to prepare yourself.

Ditch the Toxicity

We all have those friends who treat you badly or underappreciate your friendship. This step is a difficult one as we all will care about our friends and hate the thought of cutting them out. Life is too short to waste time on people who don’t treat you with the same mutual respect, whether it is co-workers, friends or relationships. It’s time to put yourself first.


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