Rolex Watch Repair – All You Need To Know


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Owning a luxury branded watch is something you should admire and be proud of. With owning the likes of a Rolex there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your watch in its best condition. By having your Rolex watch repaired and serviced it will keep you watch in good condition for much longer. Here we discuss Rolex Watch Repair and what you should know.

Rolex watch repair


About Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are crafted from raw materials of the finest quality, then assembled with highest attention to detail with each component developed, designed and produced to the highest standards. With Rolex pioneering in wristwatch development it has become one of the most popular luxury watch brands with over 400 registered patents and the most cutting edge technology in watchmaking. The meticulous detailing, balanced weight and comfort from all Rolex Watch models ensures the highest quality in every single Rolex watch. With this in mind it’s important to ensure your Rolex watch repair service is with an accredited Rolex Watch repair specialist.

rolex watch repair

Rolex Diagnosis

When submitting your Rolex watch to be repaired it will firstly be diagnostically inspected to produce an accurate repair quote. The accredited watchmaker will analyse what issues need to be repaired and price any replacement parts.


During a Rolex Watch Repair service the watchmaker’s time is also considered and added into the price of the repair.



If you are being offered a repair service at a cheaper price we would recommend to proceed with caution. It could turn out that generic parts are being used to repair your Rolex watch which can result in your watch losing its value and running into similar problems in the near future.


Rolex Watch Repair Servicing

There are numerous Rolex Servicing companies in the UK — accredited and non-accredited. For Rolex Watch Servicing it is recommended to go to an accredited company that is certified in this type of service. One option is sending your watch away to get repairs. The advantage of doing this is that you can send your watch off in the post and receive it back directly to your home.
Using an online Rolex servicing company is advantageous as it saves you an additional hassle of finding a store in your town or city. Even the biggest cities in the UK often only have one or two accredited Rolex servicing stores—using an online service allows you to send your item further afield and have it delivered directly to you.

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