Productivity And Skill building


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Productivity is something many of us associate with work and being focused. However we can be productive outside of work and study as well but this requires self discipline , time management skills and a clear mind in order to have everything organised and prepared.


So what exactly is productivity and how can it be developed as a skill? In short productivity is actively completing tasks that you have set for yourself. Normally over a short or long period with plenty of progress being achieved. Many motivational speakers around the world give presentations on productivity as well as producing videos that many people choose to pay for in order to “unlock” the secrets of how to reach full productivity potential.

One way in which you can improve your productivity is by identifying any distractions that may be preventing you from achieving your full potential. E.g if you are studying your phone may prove to be a large distraction and as a result it should be switched off during study periods to maximise focus and productivity.


Motivation plays a big part in productivity and can be facilitated in a variety of different ways in order to achieve your best possible performance. One way in which you can stay motivated for a project or task is by setting a reward or goal for yourself at the end. Setting goals can greatly benefit you in terms off motivation and productivity as it encourages you to work towards a target.

You become subconsciously more inclined to achieve goals. As well as having reward to keep you motivated motivation can also come from support from those around you. Studies have clearly indicated that there is a clear link between motivation and support from peers or colleagues. This can boost overall performance and improve someones confidence levels in their ability to complete the task at hand.

Building Skillsets

Building up a skillset is an excellent way in which you can improve your overall portfolio which can prepare you for the world of work. Increasingly in the ever competitive jobs market more and more employers are looking for potential employees with a wide set of skills.

This means that more and more people that are looking for work are gaining new skills in order to get a better job. One way in which you could improve your skillset and improve your chances of getting a job is learning a foreign language. Doing this can open up additional opportunities for you in employment.

Another way in which you can improve your skill set is volunteering. Volunteering is often a good indicator that you take your work seriously and are a hard worker. Employers like seeing employees who are prepared to go the extra mile and volunteering your time to a charitable cause is normally a fairly good indicator of this.


Overall to conclude there are a number of points that can be drawn from what has been discussed. It is clear that motivation and productivity are interlinked as is skill building. In order to be successful within the world of work or study it is essential that time is taken to ensure you can develop and use these skills.

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