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Work , motivation and productivity are three factors which should be interlinked with each other overall. However many firms run into issues where is the problems with one factor or another whether it be productivity , motivation or general work life balance. In this article we will discuss the different factors that can overall affect workplace performance and establish what can keep a workplace motivated and productive.

Workplace Motivation

Workplace motivation is key to overall productivity and success within the workplace and there are a variety of different factors that can add to or take away from overall workplace motivation. In a workplace with poor motivation this can result in poor overall productivity and poor staff morale. Therefore it is important that motivation in some workplace environments in order to ensure effectiveness and productivity.

One way in which a workplace could ensure positive motivation is through staff appraisals. During staff appraisals employees are typically credited for their work and areas for improvement as well as their key skills are identified overall. As well as helping to motivate employees staff appraisals can also improve overall relations between employees and management overall as they may feel more valued and part of a team.

Another way in which staff can be motivated is through rewards for achievements within the business as a whole. Employees need to feel valued by a business or an organisation. So awards for long service , exceptional performance etc are an excellent way through which businesses can keep their employees motivated and happy overall. Failure to do this could show a lack of interest in the employees working at the firm.

What Other Methods Are Organisations Using?

As well as appraisals and feedback there are a variety of other methods that are being used by organisations. One of the latest trends that is sweeping the employment world is 4 days a week working schedules. Some organisations have reported that workers have been significantly more productive having had a 4 day week rather than a 5 day week. Although only a small number of businesses have adopted this practice it is thought to improve productivity overall.

In relation to productivity there is a lot that organisations can do to improve. One method which is being widely adopted is regular meetings. Regular meetings are important to ensure that employees are kept in the loop with business activities and also can receive feedback about their performance. Some larger companies such as whitbread have rewards incentive schemes whereby the staff can earn money through high performance.

What Feedback Have Employees Provided?

Feedback from employees across a variety of different sectors have been similar to the conclusions in this article made linked to overall productivity and motivation. Over 70% of workers felt that regular feedback as well as appraisals would make them feel more valued and secured in their role overall.

62% of employees surveyed believed a rewards scheme for hitting targets would lead to better performance in the workplace overall. In the section where workers can put their own comments the overwhelming majority believed good working relationships between management and lower level workers was essential for success as well as transparency about business operations and hr decisions within the organisation as a whole .

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